Distribution and Power Transformer

Bharti’s Power and distribution transformer are manufactured with a standard rating and customer requirements. All transformers are designed for continuous operation with maximum efficiency to confirming IS:226 & IS 1180 Standards. Transformers are designed & tested as per Indian & international standards to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our manufacturing facility governed by stringent quality, assurance checks during different manufacturing stages, to manufacturing power & distribution transformers.



Bharti’s  distribution and power transformers being the most important element in any industrial/commercial unit, at Bharti our main aim is to provide superior quality maintenance, design and tested as per the latest highest standard, to assure the same we are maintaining our design and development team has a highly qualified and experienced person to prissily keep eye on design part in cooperating with a state of art testing lab with the advance testing to inform the quality to end product free products  Transformer is manufactured with standard rating & customer requirement,

Product Range of Distribution & Power Transformer:
  • power transformer-up to 10 Mba 66kva class
  • Distribution transformer up to 6000kva 11/33kv
  • Transformer with oltc up to 6000kva 11/33kv
  • Distribution transformer with built-in htavr up to 4000kva 11kv
  • earthing transformer upto 6000kv 11/33kv
  • Generator transformer upto 4000kva 11kv
Transformer Design Options:
  • Single Phase / Three Phase
  • Indoor | Outdoor
  • Pole mounted / Ground Mounted
  • Conventional type / Hermetical Fealed type
  • Conventional Radiator / Corrugated Radiator
  • Off load tap changer / On Load Tap changer ( OLTC)
  • Fitting Accessories as Per Requirement
  • Steps up & Steps down transformers


The core is made from best-grade imported cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel lamination. Lamination is cut at an angle of 45 degrees Celsius. Interleaved & mitered joints reduce the core losses & magnetizing current. A core is clamped with a steel channel rigidly to reduce the cartilage sound level.

2. Winding:

Windings are designed to optimize dynamic, thermal Mechanical & Electrical strives to depend upon the current & voltage requirement. The coils are wound with an electrolytic grade high conductivity annealed wire & stripe covered with high-quality insulation. Colling ducts are provided between windings & oil to minimize hot spot temperature & temp. gradient.

3. Insulation Oil:

Insulation material like a pre-compressed board, bakelite, tube, insulating top, varnish, epoxy/porcelains bushing, etc are used of the best quality to ensure a long life of transformers.
Oil is used as a coolant conforms IS 335 is centrifuged & filtered before filling into the transformer to ensure free from dust & moisture.

4. Tanks & Radiator:

All tanks are assembled by cold/hot rolled steel plates through welding. They are equipped with radiator corrugated steel sheets in accordance with capacity.

5. Paint:

Interior & Exterior surface is cleaned by chemical & coated with red oxide & 2 final coat of paint outside of tank body is coated for better & long life.

6. Temperature Rise:

Designed for maximum temp rise at full rated load, 40-50 degree Celsius for Aluminum wound & 45-55 degree Celsius for copper wound transform.

Standard Fittings

1. Rating and diagram plate.
2. Earthing terminals – 2 Nos.
3. Lifting lugs.
4. Oil level indicator (Plain)
5. Drain-cum bottom filter valve with plug.
6. Oil filling hole with the plug on conservator.
7. Oil conservator with a drain plug.
8. Air release plug.
9. Silicagel air breather.
10. Bi-directional flat rollers.
11. HV terminals-outdoor bushings.
12. LV terminals-outdoor bushings.
13. Radiators.
14. Filter valve with plug.
15. Thermometer pocket.
16. Oil temperature indicator.
17. Externally operated off circuit tap changing switch.
18. Explosion vent.
19. Sampling value (for 2000 KVA & above
transformers only)

Accessories on Request

1. LV and HV cable boxes
2. Winding temperature indicator (WTI).
3. Buchholz relay
4. Magnetic oil level gauge
5. Marshaling box
6. Disconnecting chamber
7. Oil temperature indicator with electrical
contacts (OTI)
8. Pressure relief valve

After Sales Service:
Every Equipment sold is backed by our excellent & prompt service network. Our organization is well known by virtue of strong support in terms of pre-sale & after-sales rendered by us during any solutions.


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