Dry Type Transformer

BHARTI manufacture Ventilated Dry Type Transformer is totally maintenance-free and safe from fire as a material used are metals, ceramics, fiberglass, and resin It is environment-friendly as there is no oil, hence handing becomes easier and there are no chances of spillages and leakages and there is minimal non-toxic smoke in case of fire.

BHARTI offers Ventilated Dry Type Transformers with class H/E insulation which can bear heat up to 180/220 degree C and can be used in a humid and chemically polluted atmosphere.



In view of the requirement of the Indian Industry, we have introduced Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformers. This introduction supplements our existing product viz. Vacuum Resin Impregnated Dry Type Transformers. Dry Type Transformers of both the above varieties are in use.

Product Range

50 kVA to 5000 kVA, 11 kV & 33 kV Class suitable for Indoor applications with off circuit tap changer and on-load tap changer switches available as per customer requirement.

The Dry Type Transformer is manufactured to comply with National International Standards BIS, IS 11171, IEC 76.

BHARTI’S products are certified for ISO 9001: 2015. BHARTI has set up a complete quality management system to offer the best customer satisfaction.

All transformers are tested for routine tests. BHARTI has in-house facilities for conducting all routine tests as per IEC & IS.


  • High level of safety
  • No flammable liquids
  • No pollution from leaks solution
  • Can be placed close to the load
  • More efficient
  • Increased emergency overload capability
  • Improved reliability
  • Low Noise and low maintenance
  • Easy to repair (open coils)

Environmental Impact Operation Aspects

  • Transformers insulated with Nomex brand materials are extremely safe, even when exposed to fire
  • High flame resistance, & low smoke, and no toxic off-gasses
  • Class H & E ventilated dry-type transformers can be built smaller, reducing the footprint to the environment, conserving space
  • Insulation is friendly to use during manufacturing-no skin irritants or surface chemicals

Specification for BHARTI’S Dry Type Transformers

BHARTI makes Indoor / Outdoor, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, vacuum impregnated, AN/FA cooled, step up/step down, double wound with Cu conductor transformer from 50 kVA to 5000 kVA up to 33 kV class with H/E class insulation and designed to withstand short circuit, & impulse test in accordance to IEC / IS.

ParametersVDTCast Resin
Conductor InsulationNomexNon-woven polyester
Thermal RatingF or H/CF/B or F
ProcessConventional WindingCast Mold Assembly
ImpregnationVacuum pressureVacuum casting
RepairPossibleNot Possible
CrackingNot PossiblePossible
OverloadingHigh Overload marginNo Overload margin
EnvironmentCan be easilyA large amount of resin
concerndisposed ofto be disposed of
SafetyNo toxic off-gases,Emission of toxic gases
no melting
Partial DischargeFree of partialPartial Discharge is possible
dischargedue to the high probability of
bubbles formation during casting


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